Thornhill OS

This is my life’s project !

This is my Machine. I used a similar basis to Samaritan OS, using web languages, but server-side with databases, and as a software.

I’m currently focused on creating the UI : windows, 3D space, input/output, interactions…

Once it is created, animated and smartly managed by the software, I will work on some server-side features : authentication is done, but facial and speech recognition are not implemented yet.

The final step will be making the program usable, with two modes :

  • scenario : create a story (windows, interactions, feed sources) with a timeline editor, like a real VFX creation tool
  • AI : run the Machine, like on the show, with a high artificial intelligence and a real consciousness capability.

You can easily understand that this last step will be the hardest part, and I will absolutely need an enterprise with a big development team and a strong business model to make my dream real 🙂 But I will.

The source code is available here !

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