Samaritan OS

Samaritan web with text input
Samaritan web with voice recognition

These videos are exclusive.

I felt the need of creating interactive interfaces for our AIs, so I made a first one : Samaritan OS web UI.

This project is discontinued, but you can find the sources and explanations on my git.

Disclaimer : although I like the way I coded it, it is not very stable, and the resources consumption is pretty abnormal. For that reason, I recommand you to not consider using it as a base for a new project, but you’re free to take inspiration from it.

1 thought on “Samaritan OS

  1. Hi,man,great work!!!!
    I downloaded the files,and opened it with google browser,but somehow,it could not get to the page,it always loading,i dont know why.
    Can you help me with it?Becaues i am dont know much about computer……..thanks!!!!!
    And i have to say it again,great work!!

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