Top #10 fan-made remakes

Welcome, irrelevant, to this first blog article. Today, I’m offering you to watch video productions from mostly unknown people with varying skills level.

#1 : Elarson & Shin Greer

This is a special mention, because, instead of a remake, it’s a true reproduction.

Elarson’s Machine POV and Shin Greer’s Samaritan POV defenitely created the most ever accurate PoI productions.

Using their VFX design skills with Adobe’s After Effects software, they’re working on reproducing all original elements and animations from the show at an unequally high fidelity level.

Featuring :


  • Boot animation
  • Windows
  • Boxes
  • Shutdown animation (extracted)
  • Timeline explorer (slider mimic)
  • Full-screen output


  • Symbols
  • Windows
  • Feed space

#2 : MK27502

MK27502 is a 7 min long video featuring extracts from PoI’s intro and S03E13 “4C” episode scenes.

While we can see extracts from the show throughout the video, a lot of home-made elements are superposed everywhere, including in non-POV scenes lol.

This VFX design is far away from perfection but it features boxes, windows, data explorer and even predicting engine !
In the lack of accuracy, diversity is the strength of this video.

However I can’t find anything about the author, could the Machine track him down ?…

#3 : Diomede / LegoSeries

I put this one here for the special prize of originality.

It is probably the most viewed and liked video of this top and it is well deserved !

SPOV is approximate and windows are a mix of intro and real elements but the concept is awesomely original. I love it.

It features :

  • World map
  • Windows
  • Symbols
  • Feed space
  • Intro’s ending animation

And the animation is perfectly synced with the original intro including Harold’s voice ^^


#4 : Théo Nexo

100% original : fan-made VFX, fan-made scenes, fan-made soundtrack, fan-made voiceover !!

Théo Nexo is a french student in cinema school, fond of GFX and VFX design.

I would trust him to create a spin-off of PoI finger in the nose lol !


Sorry it’s 100% french and YouTube’s automated subtitles sucks ^^

#5 : Kevin Gøhler

This is a parody of PoI’s intro, featuring a Machine watching over students to prevent acts of slacking… Lol very good.

Like the previous VFX, this one is 100% original.

Kevin Gøhler is a Danish 3D VFX designer.


#6 : Samu Rytkönen

Finnish VFX designer, drawer, web & print designer, and CEO of his own production company, Samu Rytkönen created a perfect remake of PoI’s intro.


#7 : Jules Vésigot-Wahl

Published on his YT channel named Zakouski Pictures, this french student is a VFX designer and scriptwriter.

His video features variously accurate windows, boxes, and feed space.

He also made a nice short movie that you can find on his YouTube channel, unrelated to PoI but cool. English subtitles are available.

LinkedIn profile

#8 : Phil Anderson

This one is an almost perfect remake of PoI’s first season intro effects.

In my case, “perfect” doesn’t mean “identical”, but accurate enough to not feel a disgusting impression.

Phil Anderson is an american multimedia producer.

His website is terrible but guess how he quoted Harold in his “bio” lol !


#9 : Alejandro Sanclemente

This one is a spanish video based on PoI’s intro elements, featuring Ramin Djawadi’s music.

Alejandro Sanclemente is a Colombian motion designer, front-end & desktop developer. Portfolio

#10 : “Actionjunky”

This is a short video, mixing SPOV, MPOV and some very custom but not so bad VFX design.

I hope you enjoyed this Top 10, it was originally supposed to be a Top 20, yeah I didn’t stop at YT’s first results page lol, but honestly I worked hard to find the best videos I could.

There isn’t so much creators in our fanbase 🙂

However, I could still have missed some awesome content that you found while you were browsing the net, or maybe you created something yourself ? Please don’t hesitate to share your work and others’s work with us !

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